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Parent/Guardian/Community Information



We need mentors that are willing to work with our students and become ASPIRE (Access to Student assistance Programs In Reach of Everyone) mentors. Contact the Counseling Office at 541-469-2108 if you are interested in making a difference in students lives.  This program seeks to provide students solid pathways beyond high school. As a trained volunteer you will be matched with a high school student to provide one-on-one mentoring. Whether it is talking with a freshmen about their future career goals or helping guide a senior through the process of applying for college, financial aid, and scholarships you will be there helping guide them and build our school community.


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We encourage you to stay involved in your child’s educational progress.  Attending parent conferences, regularly checking Powerschool, contacting teachers, asking your child how school went for the day are all ways you can stay involved in your child’s progress.



Are you interested in chaperoning a college campus field trip?  We travel to Salem, Eugene, Ashland, Monmouth, Coos Bay, Arcata, CA, Klamath Falls, Portland, and other places of educational interest.  Contact the counseling office at 541-469-2108 if you are interested!



In the spring there will be a career fair and we are looking for persons interested in sharing their field with students of all ages.  There are also opportunities throughout the year to enter classrooms to share.   Contact the counseling office at 541-469-2108 if you are interested in sharing about your career!



We need assistance making phone calls to other parent/guardians, providing treats, and creating good news notes to our students and staff.  If you are interested in getting involved that may not require a presence at school or a major time commitment this may be a perfect fit.  Contact the counseling office at 541-469-2108 if you are interested!