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Academic Supports

Academic Supports

ACADEMIC SUPPORTS- Study Skills, Tutoring, & Resources

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TEACHERS ARE YOUR #1 RESOURCE: Teachers are available to assist students before and after school in their classrooms. Students are encouraged to come after school for additional teacher direct tutoring. Many times to understand something it only takes a short 10 minute talk with the teacher for clarification after all they are the experts in their discipline. You can simply stop in but it is best if you can let a teacher know you are coming in case they have other students, parents or meeting commitments.

Teachers are also available on a limited basis before school, break time, and at lunch time. Contact specific teachers for availability.

Extended School Day Program: 

Who: Open to All High School Students!

What: At BHHS we are committed to providing your child with all the tools we can to help them be successful in their high school career. Extended School Day is a service that we offer to ensure that your student has all the access to materials, tools, and assistance they need to not only meet their classroom requirements, but to exceed them!

We provide:

  • Adult and Peer tutors to work one on one with your child to get them the help the need.
  • Snacks provided by the local Food Bank to ensure they have the energy to put their minds to work.
  • Adult assistance to help them navigate the complex world of managing multiple deadlines.
  • Bus Service at 4:30pm to bring your child home.


  • Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
    • On Regular School Days
    • 3:30pm to 4:30pm
  • Every Block Day
    • During Office hours
    • 8am to 8:20am
  • Additional times can be arranged to fit you and your child’s schedule.

Where: BHHS Library

If you would like more information or have any questions please feel free to contact the Program Coordinator, Gretchen Francisco, by email at or by phone at 541-469-2108 ext. 4016.


Peer/Student Tutors: Peer high school student tutors are available several weeks into the school year once the tutors are identified and cleared. They begin helping students once the Extended School Day program begins.

Personalized Learning Seminar:  Junior required elective.  All juniors are required to take one semester of Personalized Learning Seminar.  This course allows students to complete their CIS portfolio and Service Learning Project.

Quiet Study at School: The BHHS library is set up for quiet study each day before & after school as well as lunch time. The library specialist, Krystal Gregory, can provide assistance with many subjects as well as the research process.

Student computer Access: BHHS has library Chromebooks. The hours availability vary each year but generally there is before school and after school openings on a regular basis. Library specialist, Krystal Gregory, is able to assist students with Powerschool log-in, CIS log-in and access or other school related projects such as research papers.

Indian Education: Contact the Indian Ed office for information about tutors and other support services.

Staffing: If a student is failing four or more classes please contact guidance and counseling to request a staffing that includes all teachers, parents, student and a counselor or administrator. This is an intervention meeting to determine how best to meet the educational needs of the student.

Peer study GROUPS: Students are encouraged to form their own study groups to discuss new learning, skills, vocabulary, lectures and daily assignments.

Study Skills Groups: Learning to develop study skills and strategies to be successful in high school sometimes needs a smaller group environment with more one-to-one support. To participate in study skills or intervention small groups contact the guidance and counseling office. Unfortunately due to personnel assignments and/or cuts these groups are not available every year.

Special Education: Contact your student’s IEP or 504 case manager if you believe a review of services is needed. If you believe your child is in need of special education or 504 services contact guidance and counseling or the special education director at the district office.

On-Line Support & Interventions: There are a significant number of academic support program available on the internet. These can be subject specific, general study skills improvement, resources of support for essential skills, and almost anything you may need. Some website are free and others have a one time or monthly fee.