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Brookings-Harbor High School

Brookings Harbor High School is located on the beautiful Southern Oregon Coast, about six miles from the California border, in Brookings, Oregon. Brookings and its immediate neighbor of Harbor draw tourists through out the year. There is also vital lumber industries, as well as commercial and sport fishing that are strong economic assets for the community. The city’s population is a combination of retirees moving to the area due to the mild climate and scenic recreational areas, as well as generations of families that have gone through our school system and continue to raise their children here.

BHHS is the sole high school in the Brookings Harbor School District. There are approximately 540 students in grades 9 through 12. This includes alternative education settings that serve home school students and others in an online learning environment. Forty-nine percent of our students are economically disadvantaged. Last year, fifty-nine percent of our freshman finished on track to graduate.

School’s Purpose

The purpose of Brookings Harbor High School is to provide every student an opportunity to be successful and graduate from high school being College and Career Ready. Our school-wide behavior system, Bruin PRIDE, provides a culture that is conducive to learning. Students are recognized for positive and professional behavior. They are held accountable when they do not meet Bruin PRIDE behavior expectations.

At Brookings Harbor High School, our beliefs include

1) Every student can learn to high expectations;

2) The core mission of Brookings Harbor High School teachers, staff and administration is to create challenging, engaging and satisfying work for every student, every day;

3) Quality schools are the responsibility of the entire community;

4) A healthy school system is the key to maintaining a healthy democracy;

5) The district and its employees have mutual obligations for support and development toward continuous improvement.

Brookings Harbor High School has high expectations for for every student, every teacher, every staff member, and every administrator. As part of their instructional practice, teachers at Brookings Harbor School District are working toward implementation of proficiency based instructional practices in order to best determine what students are learning. Additionally, Brookings Harbor High School teachers are committed to working in Professional Learning Teams to best serve the needs of our students. The district has committed to this time as well by providing time every week for teachers to meet.

Notable Achievements and Areas of Improvements:

Brookings-Harbor High School has created some significantly rigorous and advanced programs  over the last five years. For a school of our size and due to outstanding teachers and staff, we offer extensive academic opportunities for our students. Programs of achievement include our Career Technical Education program in Digital Graphic and Production and an award winning Robotics program. Our visual arts program and our health occupations program also offer our student a wide range of academic experiences. Additionally, our teachers are continuing to work in Professional Learning Communities and move toward implementing proficiency based instructional practices.

One of our most outstanding and continually growing Career Technical Programs is our Digital Design and Production program. The program is articulated through both the Art Institute of Portland and Southwest Oregon Community College. The program instructor is a leader in the state and works throughout the state to help other schools start similar programs.

BHHS’s Robotics and Computer Science program emphasizes the STEM program model, an integrated content model that focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. BHHS students are using software and equipment to demonstrate their knowledge and skills on a level with college students. The goal is to shift the program into a Career Technical Education program that will allow students to earn college credit.

Our art program has become one that fills almost as quickly as we create sections. it is a visual arts program that has scaffolded with a four year sequence starting with the foundations. Students then build into an advanced Studio Art class for the most motivated of students.


Additional Information


Academic Support programs include the following:

•           Bilingual/ESL program: support based on language proficiency and grade level

•           Special education program: support for students with qualified learning disabilities

•           Bruin Pride Freshman On Track Labs that teach and reinforce study skills strategies course for Freshman students

•           Student to Work Programs: YTP Program

•           Online Summer School Program

•           Support courses for Academic Remediation for senior students and online remediation courses

•           Bruin Den, academic support for 10th, 11th, and 12th grade.

•           Community Engagement Activities: Parent Information Meetings


Academic Enrichment includes the following:

•           Language Courses: Spanish, French

•           Honors & Dual­Enrollment Courses: Honors English 9 and 10, AP Lit and Comp, AP Lang and Comp, AP World Hist, College US Hist, College Spanish, AP Calc, College Biology, Body Structures and Functions, Leadership, Medical Terminology, First Aid & CPR, Child Dev, AP Art

•           Academic Clubs and Opportunities: Honor Society, Knowledge Bowl, Robotics, Interact, GSA, Paranormal Club, Bible Club, Genealogy Club, Music Club, Drama Club

•       STEM activities: Robotics, Computer Science, Digital Manufacturing, Welding and Metal Technologies

•       After School Programs: 11 interscholastic sports, clubs

•       Before School Programs: 0 period courses – leadership, athletic weights, jazz band

•       Community Engagement Activities: ASPIRE program

Career and Technical Education Programs include the following: 

Graphic Design

Computer­ Aided Design

Information Technology Essentials


Extracurricular Activities include the following:

Interscholastic Sports: 14

Academic Clubs: 5

Service Clubs: 1

•       Types of Visual and Performing Arts: Art, AP Art, Choir, Radio & Podcasts

•       Leadership class