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Senior Info



Here is the link to the presentation during Senior Information Night 9/29/2020:

Celebrations, Traditions, and Ways to Honor Seniors

The end of your senior year comes with varying traditions designed to recognize, honor, and celebrate the accomplishments of each student's K-12 experience and learning. These culminating celebrations include graduation ceremony, senior prom, senior trips, senior sunrise, senior sunset, senior breakfast, and a variety of other events and traditions. 

We are striving to find ways to individually and publicly honor your efforts and academic achievements. Some celebrations will be rescheduled to a time in the future when social distancing measures are relaxed, may include online options as long as they can be made accessible to all students and families, or other formats still to be discovered. 

We will be reaching out and integrating student, staff, and community voices to develop these recognition's for students in the graduating class of 2021. We recognize the diversity of our students and families and are actively engaged in looking for ways that support cultural inclusiveness and equity in all our practices and policies.  

College and Career

Oregon Colleges/Universities

Oregon colleges, universities, and career and technical programs and nationwide colleges and universities are requested to provide flexibility with final admission selections, including completion of specific course requirements.

The counseling department is still working with seniors on scholarship applications, Oregon Promise, and FAFSA/ORSAA completion. Contact Ms. Fulton or Ms. Battleson if you would like assistance.

We encourage you to participate in virtual post-secondary exploration resources, college and career virtual tours, and websites for resources. The CIS program that you have been using for Cohort offers great information!

Herff Jones

Class of 2021!  ­­
We would like to introduce you to our official Graduation vendor, Royal-T / Herff Jones.  Herff Jones has been servicing schools in our area for over 40 years and Brookings Harbor High School is proud to partner with them in creating a memorable graduation experience for every Senior.  They will be providing caps & gowns and our official Brookings Harbor graduation announcement, as well as 2021 apparel and memorabilia to ensure that this much anticipated celebration is unforgettable. 
This email is time sensitive and orders should be placed right away to ensure correct sizing and availability.  Please take time to watch the virtual Senior meeting and read through this email carefully.  This meeting will help answer any questions you may have and show you the benefits of ordering now.  Contact Herff Jones with any of your questions.
Congratulations Class of 2021!  My name is Marv Northcutt and I am your graduation representative from Herff Jones.  We are excited for a great year and have created a Senior Meeting video for you to watch at home today. 
Graduation Product Timeline for Brookings Harbor High School
·       Today is your Senior meeting release date!  Click the above link to watch your Senior Meeting or check it out at
·       Your two week ordering window begins right now.  Place your order with a $60 down payment HERE.  Brookings Harbor High School’s designated ordering window ends on October 25th, 2020Our website will be open until the Spring, but this two week ordering window is how we can guarantee our best prices, early delivery, and precise sizing on your items.  
·       Delivery of apparel and all other early delivery items will happen in Early November.  You will be contacted regarding the details of this delivery if you have Early Delivery Items to pick up. 
·       Final payments on all graduation orders are due on March 1st, 2021. You can make payments anytime throughout the year online at
·       Delivery of Cap & Gown and Graduation Announcement products Spring 2021.
Below you will find a graphic showcasing the important information for your school from our Senior Meeting that you have just watched.  Please feel free to save this image, print it for the fridge, or share it with anyone who may need the information.  We look forward to a great year!  Do not hesitate to reach out to us at Royal-T / Herff Jones anytime for assistance at 360-254-7870 or through email at [email protected].  CLICK HERE to place your order today!!!

Visit Campuses

Once social distancing measures are relaxed, take a visit to the school/program you are interested in attending. Call the school/programs admissions office to set up a campus tour.  If a school/program requires an in-person interview as part of the application process, you can also schedule that when you go visit the campus.  Some schools/programs allow you to experience a night in the dorms or have special programs….so be sure to ask when you call to schedule your tour!

College Application Week happens in the fall of each year. 

When should I apply?

You would be fairly safe if you have your applications submitted by the end of October but look for the application deadlines on each schools website.

Early Decision

If you know for sure where you are going, you can apply using early decision or early action.  Keep in mind though that early decision is binding.  If the college accepts you and offers you an adequate financial aid package, you must go there.

Early Action

Early action is not binding so you can still apply to other colleges as part of regular admissions, however many schools won’t allow you to apply to other schools as part of their early action.


Do you have questions about scholarships? Not sure how to fill one out? When it is due? Do I qualify? These and more can be answered just see Val, Darcie, Battleson, Fulton, or Moncrief in the Bruin Center or Counseling Office.

FAFSA opens on October 1st. Be sure to plan your FAFSA events now! Get together and submit those FAFSA’s! Go to for application and submission details.



      • You can contact any school you are interested in visiting. They may offer virtual or in person tours.

Scholarship Release and Financial Aid Presentation Night

December for class of 2021

Senior & Parent/Guardian Information Night 

September 29 at 7:00pm for class of 2021, virtually

If you miss it you can still review the information that will be shared via PowerPoint.   


Signed up for SAT’s?
When do I turn in the FAFSA?
Scholarships are out when?
When are the important dates?
When is the next FAFSA workshop?

THINGS TO DO……………………………………
Pass all required classes
Complete Essential Skills Requirement- Smarter Balance (Test or Work samples) *exempt for 2021
Have CIS Portfolio completed *exempt for 2021
Complete Senior Project *exempt for 2021