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Access to Student assistance Programs in Reach of Everyone


About the ASPIRE Program
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Administered by the Oregon Student Assistance Commission, ASPIRE (Access to Student assistance Programs In Reach of Everyone) seeks to provide Oregon high school students solid pathways beyond high school. ASPIRE matches trained community volunteers with high school students to provide one-on-one mentoring. ASPIRE Advisers guide students through the process of applying for college, financial aid, and scholarships.
ASPIRE serves students by:
• Helping high schools build a sustainable community of volunteer advisers
• Educating students and families about the scholarship application process and other options for paying for post-secondary education
• Providing advising, resources, and encouragement to help students access education and training beyond high school
ASPIRE Students

ASPIRE is for all students. It is an all-comer’s program and serves the entire student body. Any student who believes they can benefit from an ASPIRE adviser is welcomed and encouraged to participate. By being inclusive, ASPIRE ensures that all of Oregon’s students have many options for a fulfilling future beyond high school.

Our office is in the Bruin Center located next to the BHHS Counseling Office. All grade levels and students are welcome, we’re here to help everyone plan their future.


For those interested in becoming an ASPIRE adviser the following link may be helpful…..ASPIRE!