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Dual Credit Parent Guardian Information     

January 4, 2024

Dear Parents and/or Guardians,

Your student is enrolled in a course that offers the opportunity to receive high school credit as well as college credit in a partnership with either Southern Oregon University (SOU) or Southwestern Oregon Community College (SWOCC).  Within this dual credit agreement there are few items of great importance; cost, benefit and expectations including registration and drop dates.

  • Dual credit courses through Brookings Harbor High School are currently free to ALL students. This allows all students to access dual credit courses being offered at the Brookings Harbor High School. This benefit could also save you money if you choose to attend a college or university after high school. 

  • Dual credit courses fulfill high school requirements as well as offer a jump start on college coursework. Dual credit students have access to the resources provided by the college, including textbooks and typically the library network.

  • Dual credit courses maintain the college level rigor and outcomes as courses offered on the college campus. Students who bring a high school effort to a college level course are unlikely to pass the course or, if they do pass, they do so with a grade significantly lower than the grades to which they have been accustomed. With this in mind it is vital that you and your student discuss existing obligations and priorities before requesting college credit. 

If you and your student are interested in registering to receive college credit, students should go through their teacher for the dual credit class at school. We encourage you to preview the Dual Credit slide show presentation located on the school website under Counseling Please remind your student that checking their email is a vital piece of college coursework and they risk missing important communications, information and deadlines from the college if they do not check it regularly. 


Tristin Harkins

Brookings Harbor High School~Principal 




Registration Dates

Students will need to register for the college credit portion of the class with the articulated college. Dual Credit Teachers will assist students with the registration process during class time. If your student misses the day(s) in which the class is registering they will need to make arrangements with the teacher to attend a Flex period to complete registration.

Be aware that colleges have withdrawal deadlines if a student determines they need to withdraw from the class. Teachers can help assist students who find they need to withdraw from the dual credit portion of the class.

SOU Dates




Registration Deadline

Last day to withdraw

Fall 2023




Winter 2024




Spring 2024





Registration Period


Last day to drop

Last day to withdraw

Fall 2023

Open Now



Winter 2023

Opens 10/30/23



Spring 2024

Opens 2/26/24



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