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Graduation Information - Class of 2020

Shared Media

Links to shared photo and video galleries from our event team will be shared here as it is available.
We invite you to use these hashtags on your social media posts of #Bruins2020 #BruinPride #BHHS2020 to help fellow Bruin fans follow along with the festivities.
Watch: 2020 BHHS Graduation livestream is available via YouTube at The event start time is 2 pm Saturday, June 13, 2020.
Listen: KURY 95.3 FM plans to broadcast live coverage of the event starting at 2 p.m., as well. Thank you for your support of this celebration!
Grad Walk: Students and their guests have been assigned call times to report to the stadium, which begins at about 3 p.m. and continues until about 6:30 p.m.

Graduation Day Emergencies or Last-Minute Questions: 541-373-0853

Please follow health and safety guidelines and recommendations to help prevent the spread of COVID-19

  1. Face coverings are RECOMMENDED for all attendees.
  2. Do not enter the venue if you are sick or have a family member sick with symptoms resembling the flu or coronavirus.
  3. Vulnerable people, such as those with underlying medical conditions and older adults, should stay home.
  4. Everyone is expected to practice social distancing (6 feet from others that are not members of your household).
  5. Please use hand sanitizer when appropriate.  
  6. Sanitizing wipes are available to wipe your chairs down.

Congratulations, Class of 2020!

Sidney Alexander

Makell Anderson

La'Joyah Beasley

Avana Belu-Pettus

Daniel Birdwell III

Kashus Blackwelder

Hailey Blair

Gracie Brozdounoff

Benjamin Buehler

Hannah Cairns

Conner Christensen

Arthur Christow

Jesse Contreras

Christopher Cooke

Tayler Cooper

Kaylee Cover

Tyler Davis

Maxim Drager

Addisyn Dresen

Jaidyn Dunn

Alexander Edwards

Ashlee Ellis

Madelyn Farnham

Brooke Firestone

Cartyr Fitzhugh

Cameron Francisco

Dodger Francisco

Isabella Freitas

Gavin Frias-Flores

Evan Fronckowiak

Quinn Galindo

Natalie Garcia

Celeste Goetze

Jacob Goodwin

Jeremiah Green Jr.

Alex Grimes

Madilyn Haines

Ethan Hall

James Harlan

Dade Henry

Itzel Hernandez Olmedo

Cecilia Hilton

Gabrielle Hodges

Mia Hoenke

Brayden Holler

Ethan Hooper

Angel Howell

Gavin Humphrey

Vanessa Hunt

Bailey Ireland

Cortney Johnson

Rachael Jones

Cameron Kime

Isaac Knoester

Katrina Krawez

Danika Leaver

Virginia Lenz-Ringulet

Jose Lepe-Menilla

Jesse Lutge

Nevaeh Meyer

Jaylin Miller

Cort Morris

Kaidan Murray

Lucy Nading

Alonna Nalls

Harrison Nelson

Shawnacy Newcombe

Hayden Niedens

Matthew Noland

Chelsea Olstad

Anthony Patterson

Sydney Phelps

John Portwood

Jaycob Remington

Destiny Roberts

Robert Rowe

Preston Rubright

Patrick Runge

Clayton Sackett

Andrew Sample

Jaden Sanders

Piper Schauer

Riley Serna

Joshua Smith

Daniel Strom

Bryce Testa

Taya Torres

Kasilyn Ulery

Jair Valdovinos-Flores

Jason Vanginderen

Zackary Walker

Kelsey Ware

Mia Weaver

Anthony White

Averi Winn

Ashlynne Wood

Jade Wyatt

Emmanuel Zamora

Stephani Zavala-Luna

Aidan Zellmer

Principal's Message (Monday, June 8, 2020)

Dear Class of 2020, 

Congratulations on reaching the remarkable achievement of graduating from Brookings-Harbor High School. You have worked hard and now you are ready to receive your diploma this Saturday. We are so very proud of you!  

You will find all of the information that you need to guide you through our special graduation process on our Graduation Webpage. Additionally, our Counseling Department reached out to every graduate’s family last week with their time to report to the stadium so please email me if you did not receive this information. Understanding and following these instructions will make the experience easier for you and your guests and will provide you with your well-earned diploma in a timely and safe manner.

Lastly, please share the live streaming link of the ceremony with your loved ones so that you can share your accomplishment even though they may not be able to join you in the stadium. I know we will have many community members watching and sharing in this important milestone. 

There is truly nothing that I, nor anyone, can say to make up for the time that you’ve lost during your senior year but please know that our team is dedicated to giving you the best experience possible during your graduation ceremony.  

We look forward to seeing you at graduation on Saturday, June 13th at your designated time and celebrating with you!


Mrs. Varitek, Principal

Example of information that graduates and families have received from our Counseling Office


Group # Time 00:00

1 Student name

2 Student name

3 Student name

4 Student name

We are sooooo excited to see you walk across the stage on Saturday, June 13th at Elmer Bankus Stadium (football field)!
Due to social distancing requirements and state and district guidelines, there are two parts to the graduation. The first part is a live stream ceremony that starts at 2:00 pm and all graduates and their families (as well as the whole community) are invited to watch on the district website or listen on KURY radio station 95.3FM.  
The second part of the ceremony is Roll Call where graduates walk across the stage to receive their diplomas. This is both live and live-streamed. For this part your arrival time is [Specific Time for Each Student Group]. Please arrive in the parking lot a few minutes before your arrival time and when you see Mr. Kleespies and Mr. Fulton holding up [Your Group #] in front of the gate (by the restrooms), it will be your turn. Please follow their directions and move your entire party to the coordinating circle for check-in which is the small number (1,2,3 or 4) next to your name above.
Each graduate can invite 9 additional guests and will be walking with three other graduates. Your group of three graduates and representatives includes the graduates in the box above.  
Your family group, including yourself and up to 9 additional guests, should all be at the gate to enter together at [Assigned Time]. Once you enter the waiting area, there will be two things each graduate needs to fill out. One is a 3X5 card of how you want your class President to announce you for acceptance of your diploma (which you will keep with you and hand to President Mia) and the other is a required tracking form that includes names and phone numbers of everyone in your party. When this form is completed you will simply drop it into the box on the table. Then, your family members will report to the next circle waiting area (the same small number (1,2,3 or 4) next to your name)Mrs. Acosta, Mrs. Kleespies, and Mr. Scott will all be there to assist in making sure everything goes smoothly. 
Once they give you the go-ahead, enter the stadium/stage area. Your guests will move to the designated area on the track (again identifiable by your 1-4 number) and the graduates will line up in front of the steps to the right of the stage. The rest is history....the big walk across the stage. 
After your group walks across the stage and receives diplomas, graduates and their families will move to the Snack Shack where Tina and Sandy will be providing your diploma file contents, which includes your actual diploma. 
We ask that you then immediately depart the stadium to maintain the guidelines as to the number of people allowed in the stadium area and to allow the next set of graduates to pick up their diplomas.  Along the way there will be staff members to assist if you are not quite sure where to go including Darcie, Mrs. Nigh, Mrs. Nidiffer, Ms. Shearer, Mrs. Piscitello, Ms. Gutierrez, and Ms. Prudden. 
We are very excited to see you walk across the stage!!!  You have earned this exciting moment. YAHOOOO! 
** For your convenience and safety there will be hand sanitizer stations available, and masks are encouraged to be worn by all guests** 
Let me know if you have any questions or need additional clarification. YAHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Media Inquiries

Reporters from media organizations seeking to cover the graduation event in person, or seeking contributed materials such as Class Profile information and photos should contact BHSD Public Information Officer Nancy Raskauskas-Coons at or 541-602-0539.