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Graduation Information - Class of 2021

Shared Media

Links to shared photo and video galleries from our event team will be shared here as it is available.
Watch: 2021 BHHS Graduation - Session 1 via YouTube at The event start time is 2 p.m. Saturday, June 5, 2021.
Watch: 2021 BHHS Graduation - Session 2 via YouTube at The event start time is 4:30 p.m. Saturday, June 5, 2021. 
We invite you to use these hashtags on your social media posts of #Bruins2021 #BruinPride #BHHS2021 to help fellow Bruin fans follow along with the festivities.

Latest In-Person Event Information

Brookings-Harbor High School will host two complete face-to-face graduation ceremonies on graduation day. The event start times will be 2 p.m and 4:30 p.m. Saturday, June 5, at Elmer Bankus Field, 552 Fern Ave, Brookings, OR.  


By holding two ceremonies, we can safely meet our capacity guidelines per ODE/OHA, while we celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of the Class of 2021. Both events will also be live-streamed on the BHSD YouTube channel. 


Students received notification of their graduation event time on Friday, May 28, and have limited guest tickets to share with family and friends.


As a reminder, in accordance with the current school guidelines, everyone within the stadium must maintain 6 feet of distance between parties. Distanced seating will be available in the stadium and on the track, as well as on the field (bring your own chair) if weather permits. As always, accessible seating will be available for persons with disabilities.  


Principal's Update (May 24, 2021)

Good afternoon Bruin families,
We are excited to announce that we are able to increase the number of family tickets for graduation now that we are officially within our two-week window for graduation and in the green. 

Eleven guest tickets will now be distributed to each student during graduation practice on Friday, June 4.  

With new OHA guidelines, graduates and attendees will not be required to wear face masks during graduation but we are still required to maintain 6 feet of distance between parties. Distanced seating will be available in the stadium and on the track, as well as on the field (bring your own chair) if weather permits. As always, accessible seating will be available for persons with disabilities.  

On a related note, if your senior has not received their cap and gown or has questions about their event time; please contact the school office.  

Our annual Student Achievement Night will be held virtually this year on Friday, May 28, on Facebook and our school website. Students will receive certificates of achievement and a Bruin award during cohort that day. 

Thank you for your patience with us as we’ve navigated this challenging school year with all of its ups and downs. I am continually impressed by how our community comes together for our students and I am always grateful for the support and understanding that you show. 

Yours in service, 
DeAnne Varitek, BHHS Principal

Please follow health and safety guidelines and recommendations to help prevent the spread of COVID-19

  1. Face coverings are not required in the outdoor event areas, but attendees are welcome to wear them, and we recommend that you bring a face covering in case you need to use an indoor facility during the event such as restrooms. 
  2. Do not enter the venue if you are sick or have a family member sick with symptoms resembling the flu or coronavirus.
  3. Vulnerable people, such as those with underlying medical conditions and older adults, should stay home.
  4. Everyone is expected to practice social distancing (6 feet from others that are not members of your household).
  5. Please use hand sanitizer when appropriate.  

Community Organized Grad Paradeparade

parade route

Parade Safety Message from Parent Organizers/Safe and Sober Group

Dear BHHS Seniors,


Let me start by saying "Congratulations!" This is a big milestone in your life as you continue forward in adulthood. We wish you all the success possible and hope you can attain your goals and actualize your dreams.


We want to take this opportunity to also share a few safety issues and concerns as you have your senior parade.


Please meet beginning at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, June 4th, parked appropriately at the Bankus Field parking lot (with any additional vehicles using The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints parking lot as needed), keeping vehicles close, but maintaining a safe distance. We definitely don't want to experience any vehicle collisions at this time! See the attached maps for the route as I describe it below. I expect to travel the parade route at about 15 MPH.


We will start leading the parade at 7:00 p.m. Please begin following in a close, orderly and safe manner. The parade route will be to leave the parking lot, head up to Easy, turn right, pass KES and BHHS, turning right onto Pioneer, down to Pacific, turning right and immediately left onto Oak St.


We will head down Oak to Hwy 101/Chetco Ave where a fire truck will have the slow lane on Hwy 101 blocked for us. Our light will be red, but because we will have the lane blocked, it will be safe for us to turn RIGHT ONLY onto Hwy 101 without stopping; but please, continue to use caution as you proceed. Once the last vehicle turns onto Hwy 101 the fire truck will join the back of the parade.


We will head up Chetco Ave until we turn right onto 5th St, where we will head up the hill to turn right onto Easy street. We will head back toward BHHS, down Pioneer Rd, back across Pacific Ave, down the Fern dip, and back around to the Bankus Field parking lot.


During the parade, we do want everyone staying close together - like a parade! - so other vehicles do not enter and disrupt our procession. If however, someone does enter our line, please continue the route as described in a safe manner. We'll be keeping the fast lane slow so it's more like what we've done in the past (such as during a homecoming parade) to keep students safe, so please do your part.


Please feel free to decorate your vehicle and wear your graduation cap and gown. For your safety, please remain appropriately in your vehicle. We have organized traffic control on the route for the safety and visibility of the seniors so they can sit or be on their knees in the bed of a pickup. Your center of gravity needs to be below the truck bed rail (not standing, not on chairs which put their center of gravity too high) so if there’s an incident you’ll fall down, not out.


This activity is being hosted by parents. Your vehicle is to be appropriately insured, driven by a licensed driver. Your participation is at your own risk as the City of Brookings is assisting but does not accept liability for your involvement.


Finally, please understand our care and concerns for you. Even losing a single life is too many and over the years we have all seen graduates not survive through the summer after consuming alcohol, marijuana and/or drugs. We all know these activities happen and our goal is not to see you in trouble, but continued enforcement against these activities are in an effort to help ensure your safety. Never operate a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, pills or other drugs.


Posted June 2, 2021

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Congratulations, Class of 2021!


J'Lea Alto

Faith App-Eades

Peyton Armentrout

Bly Badger

Serena Barnard

Andru Bates

Josie Bessinger

Deegan Bircher

Ashley Blair

Rylan Bruce

Andrew Burger

Aden Carpenter

Keenen Carroll

Quentin Carroll

Joseph Cavazos

Connor Childress

Kayson Christensen

Jennifer Christow

Shelynn Collins

Josiah Contreras

Christy Covington

Christina Davis

Kelvon'te Dawsey

Elaina Doyle

Deven Duran

Naomi Elliot

Jace Engle

Joshua Estes

Thomas Farley

Nohemi Fernandez

Sierra Fitzhugh

Ariadna Fuentes Olivera

Elizabeth Garcia

Haley Gayler

Joseph Gollaher

Allison Graves

Alia Graves

Robert Green

Jason Gwillim

Tarin Hargrove

Travis Hargrove

Gracie Harms

Aurora Harrington

Alana Hatch

Juan Hernandez-Zepeda

Caleb Hoffman

Logan Holler

Ariel Hoskinson

Shea Hudson

Esperanza Ibarra

Alicia James

Shelby Jirsa

Jada Kenyon

Evangeline Lampley

Cheyenne Leonard

Andrew Lepe-Manilla

Jose Lepe-Manilla

Kyla MacLauchlin

Eleanor Marks

Isabella Martinez

Jacub McCollum

William Miller

Ashanti Montanez (Franks)

Lexee Murray

Annie Nation

Kailee Newcombe

Hunter Ocaio

Laisha Olmedo

Aaron Parkinson

Celeste Pepple

Tilly Peters

McKhenna Riese

Lorelei Rios

Mercedes Rodne

Connor Ryan

Trenton Sample

Alexis Schofield

Adam Shew

Billy Skinner

Christopher Skinner

Harold Soule

Kyle Stebbins

Christian Steendahl

Breanna Stevenson

Ashleigh Strain

Adalind Stumpenhaus

Analisa Sweeten

Troy Tatro

Valerie Tribble

Derek Tuttle

Jasper Vineyard

Abryana Walker

Jorden Wentz

Anisa Whisenant

Dominic Whisenant

Michael Winn

Mathew Worton

Media Inquiries

Reporters from media organizations seeking to cover the graduation event in person, or seeking contributed materials such as Class Profile information and photos should contact BHSD Public Information Officer Nancy Raskauskas-Coons at or 541-602-0539.