Social Emotional Supports for Students

The outbreak of coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) may be especially challenging and stressful for high school students. Fear and anxiety about graduation requirements and credits, college admission requirements and deadlines, worrisome news stories, the health of friends and loved ones, and other concerns may feel overwhelming and cause strong emotions for students and their families/guardians. 

Most people will need some form of support during this challenging time, but many may not feel that it is OK to ask for help. But, if we do not care for ourselves, it is nearly impossible to support others, so asking for help is a worthwhile investment in you and those you care for.

We realize during these times, mental health support for our students is more important than ever, school counselors are still here for students. BHHS will address students through care, connection, and continuity of learning for all students. A continuum of services and supports are provided to help maintain student’s mental health and social-emotional learning. 

Additional Resources, including crisis lines, Mental Health, and Social-Emotional Learning amidst COVID-19 are located on the BHHS Counseling website-District website> High School> Counseling   

High School Counselors Emails: Kristi Fulton (A-K) Kristi Fulton [email protected] and Holly Battleson (L-Z) [email protected]

ODE guidance for Mental Health and Social Support

Local Crisis Line: 877-519-9322

Text Crisis Number 741741

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Police- 911