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Welcome to the BHHS Clubs and Activities Page! We are currently working to use this page to inform students and the public about the wealth of Student Clubs available at the Brookings-Harbor High School. Thank you for your patience! 
If you would like to form a new club, please reach out to the BHHS Main Office. 


(Last Updated 08 March 2019)

Please reach out to Dane Tippman to update this list!

(Last Updated 10 February 2019)

Please reach out to Dane Tippman to update this list!

The Tutoring Club meets every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday after school in the Library.

The BHHS Historical Society Club meets every Thursday after school in Ms. Garvin's room 302. Join the Google Classroom for this club to get updates!

The LGTBQ+ and Straight Alliance Club meets every Friday at Lunch in Mrs. Piscitello's room 406. Join the Google Classroom for this club to get updates!

A Multicultural Club meets Wednesdays during lunch in the Bruins Career Center. Reach out to Natalia Aguilar to learn more.

A Games Club meets on Wednesdays and Thursdays every week after school in Mr. Crotzer's room. The club enjoys different tabletop roleplaying games, card games and board games. Novices and more experienced players are welcome.

A 4-H Club is in development! Reach out to student George Thompson to learn more.

A Color Guard team is in the works right now! Band Teacher Corey Tamondong and Guidance Department Secretary Darcie Gutierrez are the points of contact for this activity. Reach out them to learn more!

There is a BHHS Knowledge Bowl Team that meets Mondays and Wednesdays until 5:00pm in Mrs. Piscitello’s room. Talk to Mrs. Piscitello or Ms. Bryant to learn more. Knowledge Bowl is an Activity and not a Club, and does require grade checks.

Drama Club meets Thursdays after school in Ms. Bryant's room.

There is an Anime and Manga Club that meets in Ms. Bryant's room. Talk to Ms. Bryant to learn more.

High School students who want to learn more about a Travel Club should reach out to Jennifer Legat, a K-school teacher. Her e-mail is

Students interested in participating in an Interact Club should reach out to Rotary District 5110 District Interact Chair Paola Pringle on Facebook, or through their online contact form.

Anyone interested in Drone piloting should reach out to Mr. Tippman. We're not flying any drones yet, but we hope to be able to fly the school's two drones soon.

A Smash club meets after school on regular Tuesdays in Mr. Tippman's room, and during lunch on most weekdays.Talk to Syruss Burch to learn more.

The Video Game Design Club meets in Mr. Tippman's room after school on Thursdays. We learn about how to develop interactive software, with a focus on the creative and organizational aspects of building a game.

Bruin News - Students produce a Video show, a Radio show, and a Brookings Buoy Student Newsletter in this club. If you're interested in journalism, interviewing, radio, drama production, or you're just curious, talk to or e-mail Dane Tippman at